Monday, February 20, 2012

My So Called Life

I have to admit something to you all...I have a pretty boring life. Sure you might think, wait, you once hung out with Cuba Gooding Jr. No, I didn't. I stalked him at a hotel in Albuquerque, NM and told him we were related. He took a picture with me and said scram.
Me and Cuba before the cops came to restrain me
Sure, I moved back to Nigerian with Amy and promised her all sorts of adventures. Unfortunately, the most excitement we have occurs when we discover something we miss from the States at the local grocery store. Our typical day involves going to work (by land or sea), working (as accountants, mind you) and coming home (again, land or sea), dinner (whatever we can bring ourselves to make), Seinfeld on DVD and then bedtime. Lately, I have joined Amy in the mornings to start working off the ever increasing waistline.

My view every morning before I hope on the boat to work
On Saturday, we took a break from our regular Saturday activities and went to the beach (just the second time since we've been here) with friends of ours. It rained. Can't win. I will say this though, we had good food and good company and I fear I am losing Amy to a 3 year old (my childhood friend's first son, Kamsie) who insists she's the only one he can hang out with. Trying to pry Kamsie from Amy (part due to jealousy), I engaged him in conversation. "Kamsie, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked. Honestly, I expected the, scientist, firefighter, even superman! "King," he responded. He wasn't laughing/ What a kid?! I guess we should be expecting a coup d'etat in about 20+ years or sooner depending on his mood. If that happens, I won't be returning with Amy before he decides he wants her to carry him around like he practically demanded on Saturday.

At the beach, Amy was a minor celebrity with all the local beach goers wanting to take pictures with her. It was a little chilly so she was still in a sundress. I am sure if she'd switched to swim wear, they would have had to shut down the beach. I maintained my cool and warned the boys that if they were taking pictures with her, they couldn't touch her. I meant it.
Eleko Beach

Wale cooking lunch

The highlight of my day
See what I mean about my boring life?

In the movie, "The Italian Job (Remake)", when all the thieves were deciding what to do with their loot, Edward Norton's character suggested he wanted one of everything each of them wanted. When he executed his plan, he did just that and was criticized for his lack of imagination. And that is one thing we have in common...a lack of imagination.   

That's all I have. I need to write more often but I fear alienating more people if I do. I wish Amy would write instead of me but she doesn't have as much patience for mindless blabber like I do. Well, my phone just rang...a coworker wants me to join him at the canteen. I will let you know if anything exciting happens on my way there.


gozie michael said...

I've got xray vision. It's quite striking that you & Cuba have same skull shape & size :-)
Fish is good, consume more whenever you can. You're fun swimming!

Ugo said...

Hey Ob! Cuba may have some roots in the motherland...I guess we will never know :)

gozie michael said...

I think it could be traced to west africa, he sure has some features.