Thursday, February 23, 2012

All Aboard!

Even though I am an accountant (I just lost about 80% of the 10 readers), I still work at quite a unique and interesting place. It's an oil Terminal so we received oil vessels (daughter vessels) and then supply product via trucks to the petrol stations. Since we've been here, Amy has asked several times to board one of those vessels to check it out. I think she basically just wanted her Titanic moment. You know...the part where Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio spread their arms and...well, you know the rest.

Well, today was her lucky day because a vessel had just come in and I was discussing with a colleague in the Shipping Department and we decided we'd do it today. I called Amy and while she was working on an exciting excel spreadsheet (just lost another 10% of the initial readers), she jumped at the chance. Here's what ensued (in pictures) 
MT. Breeze docked at the Jetty
MT. Breeze up close

Amy was quite giddy

Now for those of you who don't know, Amy is a minor celebrity here. Who am I kidding? Amy is a major celebrity here and several deck hands begged to take a picture with her including one who wanted it for his Facebook account. I said no.
A view of parts of Lagos from the very top of the Vessel

One of the control rooms

One of the many hallways.

One of the many rooms on board
As you can see from the pictures of the interior i.e. the room and the hallway, it was significantly cleaner and neater than I was expecting. The crew size is 24 so you can imagine just how 24 guys can really mess up a place but not this. They were cooking while we were there. We weren't invited to join them. Yes, it smelled really good.


The cockpit
Our Tour Guide

Steering Wheel

Amy is having a good day
As you can see, there's no "Titanic Moment" or was there? Well, Amy did get her moment and there are pictures. I won't add them because, well, I participated and it is rather embarrassing. But I won't post them mostly because I don't want to encourage bad behavior.

The vessel is as tall about a 6 or 7 story building and if you think that's large, keep in mind that these are only daughter vessels that can handle the shallow dept of these waters. Imagine how much more massive the mother vessels are.

Now to the remaining 10% that kept reading to the end, I hope the little insight into a little bit of our world here was worth it....hello? You left too? Darn.

Update! Due to some off blog coercion, I will post the picture. Enjoy. 

The Humanity


ChristiB819 said...

I always read to the end. I love the 'titanic moment' photo! You are a good blogger. I crack-up everytime I read a new one. Thanks for sharing!

Ugo said...

Thanks Christi! I will try to keep it up.