Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Innocent Gift or Friendly Persuasion (a.k.a. Bribe)

This has been a weird week so far. It's been long and uneventful which isn't necessarily bad. So I have decided to go through a few things from last week and the weekend.

I am not sure how my friends and family see me but I fancy myself as somewhat of a pragmatist. Well, not philosophically per se but well, pragmatically.

Sorry about that. Basically, I see myself as more of a practical person and a realist.

So when I received a bottle of Lebanese wine called "Myst de Ch√Ęteau Kefraya" and a Digital LED Photo frame from a potential vendor as a "Christmas" gift, my instincts went straight to, "am I being toasted?".

Now, I should mention that toasting occurs when a man (or woman, I guess) flirts with another person for "insert whatever reason". Now, I've been toasted verbally by all kinds of individuals, police officers, security personnel, fellow staff for multiple reasons mostly for egunje (money in Yoruba) or a gift. However, this is the first time by a vendor.

Apparently this vendor thinks I have more power than I actually do to get what they want. I understand that it isn't uncommon here. In fact one of the biggest tools of corruption from the Federal Government down to staff of private companies is "kick-backs". So what do you think? Was this just an innocent gift?

I have since been told that it is okay and it was just a gift with no strings attached. Well, in that case, thank you. Amy likes the digital photo frame and we have already put it to use. The wine? Well, it looks good in the fridge.

Other things that happened over the weekend...

We visited our favorite Mexican restaurant with a coworker who like me, moved back after over a decade overseas. He had been hesitant to try "Bottles Restaurant" because the outside looked unlike a restaurant should. He enjoyed it.

My half eaten plate of burritos and enchiladas

We also (for the first time) patronized the local movie theater or cinema as it's more popularly referred to here. It is the cinema located at the Palms Mall in Lekki. I have to be honest, we really didn't know what to expect. However, other than the pungent smell of urea (which we sadly got used to after a few whiffs), we were pleasantly surprised.

We saw Safe House staring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. The surround sound was great! Again exceeded my expectations. What met my expectation however was the poor cell phone etiquette. Also, due to the issue of piracy I half expected to see this guy sitting beside me...

Is this what a movie pirate looks like?
 ...fortunately I didn't. We will go back again. Ticket prices were certainly very reasonable. Had I know the experience (sans the smell of urine) would have been that good, I would have been there already.

One our way out, I spotted this - "40% off 100% Human Hair" displayed by a Mall Merchant. I am not sure why I thought it was funny but it was. It still is. To be me anyway.

Now, I did consider asking if I could use it on my bald head. I didn't.

So about 60% human hair?

I feel like I am having a weird out of body...I wonder if I am coming down with something. I sure hope not.

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