Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Legacy and Last full Day in Pittsburg

Amy and I had every intention of making it to Chapel this morning. That is until last night when we didn't get to bed till after midnight and we then decided to pass. Well, I got up shortly after 8am and felt that I needed to still go and I told Amy she should stay in bed. Well, that didn't happen and we made it to Chapel albeit late.

I had initially forgotten why we decided to go till we got there and then I remembered it was David Gray that invited us and I am now do glad we did. David had us explain a little to the kids more of what was going on and then he had them pray for us. While we were speaking, it hit me that this is another example of what legacy looks like...the children of the house sending off older siblings and I know that one day we will get the chance to do the same to them when they are older regardless of what their callings are i.e. to this local house or to a different and whatever community God has them serve.

Well, I appreciate the send off. It was right and it gave me a chance to say "see you later" and hug on a lot of the kids I have been privileged to watch be raised in this house and some I have had the chance to teach in Children's church over the last several years. I didn't grow up here but as David said, it is in this house I became a man. If Jesus tarries, I want to see these kids grow up giving themselves to the purposes of God all their lives. Oh and thanks Micah for the pictures...

Well, today is our last full day in Pittsburg. I am off to the YMCA to get some last basketball time in and to also fight off this cold.


Kerri said...

Excellent photos (Micah?) They capture so much.

Ugo said...

Yes, they were taken by Micah.