Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introspective Tuesday

For whatever reason I am in a very strange mood. I think the reality that my current reality is about to change in a major way in a few short days is starting to set in. I am typically very measured in the way I approach life...I don't get too high or too low and I especially try not to over think my situations. Don't think about the shot...just take the shot.

So when days like today come about where I start to think too much, I am usually caught off guard...Moving across continents is a lot of change only a year after marrying my best friend and co-adventurer. Amy is handling it quite well which is great. I think what I need to do is put all this in light of eternity. I just realized that I haven't even read my bible today. Maybe it will help me...I hope so.

Anyway, I want to add something...I am truly blessed and for that I am truly grateful. Several friends are planning to and some have already paid me a visit making long drives to say "see you later". Someday, I want to be that good a friend but I am truly thankful. I am also thankful for a lot of encouraging words I have heard lately. Many have been very timely and the prayer are obviously immeasurable in their effect.

One more thinking...telling me "I already miss you" really sucks because it reminds me that I am leaving and makes me get as close to emotional as I may ever get so...stop it. Say something else...please.

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Kerri said...

Fine. "See you soon."