Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Day at Work

So it's my last day and as you can probably imagine, it's been a busy one. Here are a few highlights so far...

8.08am - Arrived to work- late because I had to give Amy a ride to work since we sold her car

8.09am - Discovered the wonderful card that my colleagues left for me on my desk...I didn't cry. 
8.15am - 10.15am - Moped around the office wishing someone brought donuts to work since it was my last day.

10.16am - Was invited to the Kitchen where I discovered that my co-workers had cake for me. I thought for sure they would have that Monday celebrating my departure. It was a scrumptious cake with whipped frosting. Second Ice Cream frosting, it's my favorite. 
11.51am - Left for the YMCA to get some hoop in since I've been eating like I'm leaving for the Biggest Loser Ranch next week...ugh.

1.45pm - Made it back to the office for the last time as an employee here.

2.00pm - My last lunch finished...Leftover Subway from yesterday. Actually it belonged to Amy but she never ate it.

2.01am - 2.05am - Starting packing my stuff...really didn't take that long. Just some documents and a picture of Amy as well as my well traveled Name Plate I got when I worked at the University. It will be making the trip across the Atlantic. 

2.05am - Post time - Blogging about all the stuff I did today

So far, I would say it's been a pretty good day. I even got an email from Aflac saying they were sending me another check for $175 for the physical therapy I had to do for the bulging disc in my back. Unfortunately, that email was countered by the bill from the Physical Therapist which came into the mail today...Even Steven. I feel like Jerry Seinfeld in "The Opposite".

I want to thank everyone that I have had the opportunity to work with here at Martinous Produce Company. It really does make a difference when your co-workers at least tolerate you. All jokes aside, it has really been a pleasure. I will miss the 5 minute drive each way and embrace a two hour drive instead. Anyway, that's all I got. I'm out.


Steve Finnell said...

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Kerri said...

The card, the cake, the sub wrapper (ok not the wrapper), the car in the parking lot are all bullets that are shooting at my emotional self.

Hope your last day was a good one.

Ugo said...

It was Kerri. Thanks. It was a bit surreal and I try not to linger in the as not to get emotional.