Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009! To all of You...Predictions for 2008 in Review

In the words of my good friend Jean K. Jean, France's own original Def Jam Comedy Import "IN-CRE-AH-BLE!" That's how you describe the year that was 2008 in virtually every facet. Wow! Name the topic and 2008 was a year to remember! Best of all, the Kingdom of God is still expanding and the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

For the fourth year in a roll, I am going to write a note tagged "Predictions sure to go Wrong in (Insert Year)" but what I like to do the first day is review the Prior Year's predictions. Here is the list...

1. Barack Obama will win the Iowa Caucus for the Democrats, and Huckabee, the Republicans Sure happened as I said so 1/1

2. That same Obama chap will pull off the Democratic Nomination and go on to be the first Black POTUS…hey, don't hate the messenger. was it 2/2

3. LSU will beat Ohio State and be crowned as National Champions in the NCAA Football Bowl Series World. 3/3...I am on a roll

4. The San Diego Chargers will shock the Pro Football World and win the Super Bowl (fan pick, I know).
Okay...first strike but they were one game away from the big one...3/4

5. I will end the year with my weight below the Mendoza Line (for those who don't know, the Mendoza Line is 200). Okay this one is tricky because until my eating binge this past few days, I did but whatever...3/5

6. Microsoft Corporation will come out with or plans for a superdupermagnastastic device (no, not Surface) and my money is on a new phone to compete with the iPhone. ...bit the dust on that one. They did manage to crash all Zunes! 3/6

7. I won't be involved (in any significant manner anyway) in any weddings period. I am retiring from all that stuff (for the year anyway). I I am going to unretire...4/7

8. The US Economy will teeter on the brink of a recession…but it won't quite hit one. Boy did we hit a freight train of a recession or 4/8

9. I will be forced to stay in the country again without any opportunities to leave for the 2nd straight year and it will be sad and I may cry (I am kidding on the crying part). Sadly, I was right...5/9

10. Florida and Oklahoma will be chosen to meet in the 2009 BCS Championship Games. Now this has to be the call of the year! Trying to pat myself on the back but my arm is sore 6/10

11. Oil prices will end the year below the $100 a barrel mark. Thankfully so! 7/11

12. I will be on the verge of finishing one book or start writing another. Lets move on, shall we? 7/12

13. Doug will have another opportunity through the hands of God to go to another country which he hasn't been to before. ...did he? I don't recall. I'll put an incomplete here and someone let me know

14. Facebook will overtake MySpace as the most popular Social Networking site (not necessarily by numbers but by Q Rating) Right on again...Facebook is taking it to Myspace like "insert NFL team" took it to the Detroit Lions this season 8/13

15. Apple will come out another version of both the iPhone and the iPod sticking it to anyone who care to buy the biggest and latest coolest technology out there…fools like me. They do it all the was a gimme call 9/14

So 9/14...64% completion rate! That would land you in the Pro Bowl at QB. Well...I will be writing up the next round of predictions later and keep an eye out for it.

PS: If here is a link to the original predictions if you care enough which you probably don't. Oh and if you have something you want me to make a call on...leave a suggestion in the comment and it might make the list.

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