Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday was Earth Day...Today, I have a Rant albeit a small one

Yesterday was Earth and of course everyone and their pets get to be conservationist for one day...from Network Stations making their logos green to Web Portals greening out their homepages to (here is my favorite) everyone I pay a bill to asking me to go with "paperless billing." Okay, that is where I draw the line. Yeah, I am centrist and I believe in the environment and I believe we should take care of what has been entrusted with...but here is the problem- None of these companies care enough for the environment care enough to make it worth our while.

What do I mean? They care more about their bottom line than they do about the environment otherwise they would give me an incentive to go paperless...i.e. they would take less paper from me. Seriously, if each of these companies would offer me what it costs them to send me the "papered bill" off my phone bill or bank statement or what other bill they send to me, I would gladly go paperless. Maybe we could share the cost? Meet me half way and lets call it what it is..."SAVING MONEY" not being Green. That's right, at this stage of my life, I care more about saving green than being green. Sometimes, being green (while I believe it is a worthy cause) costs average customers too much green.

This doesn't just apply to billing companies but to the food want to eat healthy, you have to pay a premium and again, another worthy cause that may cost average consumers too much. Anyway, back to my original point...any "biller" who wants me to go paperless must agree to take less coin.


Michelle said...

I hear you. One thing that really irritates me is that if you want to recycle around here, you PAY! In some large cities across the country, you get more added to your trash bill if you DON'T recycle. That makes sense to me. Go green, you get a discount for the work that you are doing recycling. (It IS work. I've done it before. However, after kids I realized it was too much to do and have to pay to drop it off!) What is wrong with this area? I guess it's probably to pay the workers at the recycling center to keep it open...anyway it still doesn't seem right.

Ugo said...

Oh, you have given me the inspiration for Rant 2...coming up later this week.

Michelle said...

Can't wait...:)