Sunday, April 13, 2008

200th Post...on this particular blog anyway.

Like the title says, this is my 200th blog on this forum anyway but I am sure I have rambled collectively more than 200 times online. No specific rhyme or reason for this post other than me rambling about life in general. So lets get to the highlights...

The University of Kansas just won the NCAA Basketball Championship almost a week ago. I am a fan and my bracket chose them although I didn't win the unofficial pool on facebook...that honor sadly goes to Obi. I did pick the final correctly which he can't boast of. Anyway, it was great the share that victory with many friends. I would talk more about the game but heh, I don't want to.

Another thing of note...I will be a candidate for the CPA exam starting this summer. I know, it is crazy and I don't know what I am thinking. I planned on taking it earlier this year but lets say work got in the way. I am not worried, at least not yet. I know one thing for sure is that I am going NEED GOD to pass. I am planning a small vacation to Florida before I start studying so that should be my calm before the storm. I am going to for sure need a lot of prayers.

As a church, the topics of evangelism and miracles are focuses now and I think they should always be. I think those two issues are critical marks of the call of God on any Christian. I wish I was well versed in both. The common denominator is faith and the bible does call us to live by faith. However, faith often feels like the most elusive part of Christianity. It is not impossible. I think it is key to understand it is through, by and for Jesus i.e. living by faith. I have been reading through the book of Romans and Paul really addresses the issues that we face with failure...we forget that we are in the plan of God. We forget that we have bought into what he is doing not the other way round. We forget that are foot soilders here to carry out his strategy and we are not to be overtly concerned with the strategy but we are to obey. If we have this attitude, we will lose heart less often because it leaves the burden on Jesus.

Well, that's it for me...don't forget to tip your waitresses.


Michelle said...

Congratulations! That's an amazing feat! :) Now that I have found you, I will be checking your blog for updates...Michelle

Shelden said...
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Shelden said...

Is it really the 200th post?


Ugo said...

It really me a favor, don't read all of it.