Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Curious Case of Tyson the Lonely Chicken

I have been spoiled. For most of the last month, we've been boating it to work. Takes about 10 - 15 minutes and it isolates us from the madness that is Lagos traffic.

The other person that like this arrangement is Kenneth, our driver. He basically shows up and crashes in his BQ till quitting time. The life!

Today though, due to extenuating circumstances, we had to go by road and let me say this, I was a little agitated. Traffic! One thing I did miss though is the random drama you just see on the roads. I won't go into the graphic details.

Among the many things we saw this morning was a guy who appeared to be showing off his gut. I took a picture. Amy asked why.

"I don't know," I replied.

In an earlier blog, I talked about how seemingly boring my life is as an accountant. I want to emphasize something though; I am truly grateful to God for everything he's given me including a great family and church that pray for me consistently and very importantly a wife who can stand me.

As far as my life, I like it and occasionally, I find ways to spice it up.

Recently, to break the monotony of sitting in front of a computer screen, I began taking walks around the premises (it's pretty large). It takes about 7 - 10 minutes to walk to Amy's office or to the main building and since I am getting fat, I figure it will reduce the fat building rate.

*Caution* If the title hasn't scared you away yet, you might be interested in the story from this point.

Two weeks ago on one of my walks, I spotted this guy...

At first, I wondered if s/he was the owner of the bike or looking to move it. Then I realized, s/he was probably like me...trying to get some sweat on.

I debated asking someone to get rid of him/her but I thought to myself, s/he probably stumbled into here and will eventually wonder back out.

Then early last week...

So much confidence

I thought to myself, how can this chicken survive this place?! We have tractors and trailers and cars zipping through this premises not to mention the millions of liters of petroleum products being dispensed into these vehicles. How can this guy survive.

Amy and I decided to give "it" a name.

Tyson the lonely chicken.

I got to tell you this, running into Tyson daily brings a smile to my face.

I can't believe I am talking about a chicken here. 

On Thursday, I came to work as usual. I didn't see Tyson all day. Friday, the same thing. I feared the worst.

Fowl Play.

The Suspects
Who would want to hurt Tyson? Many of my coworkers had taken a liking to Tyson OR to mocking Tyson.

Alas! All mourning of Tyson appeared to be premature! As I stepped off the boat Monday morning, I saw Tyson and this time, he was anything but alone.

Tyson, not so alone anymore
All is well (except my brain of course). Later in the day, Tyson seemed calm and without a care in the world.

Up close and personal

I don't know how this story will end. I fear that Tyson might either die prematurely or mutate into a weird creature. Amy seems to think that death by cancer is most likely.

Another likely outcome of this story is that I might have to check myself into a mental facility.

If you are still reading by this point, you may have to check yourself in as well. But you'll do so knowing that I appreciate it.


Akinjide OJO said...

Right. So, turns out I'm just as metal as you are for reading this all the way to the end. Solidarity bro.

Ugo said...

Haha! Thanks Jide. I think there are others who won't admit it.

Susan in Nigeria said...

I chicken watch in traffic, too. What else is there to do? As long as she's laying eggs, I think she'll be okay.

Ugo said...

Thanks for reading Susan. I feel a bit more justified. I had even been accused of stalking the poor chicken. She still patrol the facility like she owns the place.