Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bring your parents to work day!

Actually that's what Amy and I are calling it.

As I mentioned during my last post, my in-laws are in town to visit. It's been a pleasure having them around and I don't say this because I know they will read this but because it is true.

I have the best in-laws. They are loving, caring and very down to earth.  

Every since I moved to the states as a 16 year old, Chris and Mary (Amy's parents) have really been like parents to me. What's great is that our relationship existed before any romance (yeah, I said it) between Amy and I. So please hold you in-law jokes and spite because I certainly don't share those feelings and I count it a privilege...honestly.

Now back to the visit. Monday was basically a rest day for them (I hope). It is our goal to shield them from any sour parts of living here and only expose them to the good.

I'm sure we are bound to fail.

The good thing is that there's a lot of good so hopefully, it all overshadows the not-so-good and so far so good. I believe I just set a record with the number of "good" in one sentence.

On Tuesday, we took them around VI which included your routine stops at the mall, and other grocery stores. I want to make sure that they are well fed while here. After that, we relaxed to dinner (at home) and a movie.

Wednesday was a little more low key. Amy and I came home from work early and caught a movie (again, at home). After dinner, the girls went to bed while Chris watched the first half of the Arsenal Everton match with me.

Arsenal won!

That brings us to today. We debated exposing them to the roads by taking the car to work. Too risky. Boat it was then.

While on the waterways, I asked my father-in-law if he was interested in water front property. He laughed. I think that was a polite way of declining. 

You need a little imagination
We are here (at work). We will do a tour at some point once I am done with my morning reports. I await some data to do that so Amy, when you read this, I have an excuse :).

I hope to introduce them to Tyson...if s/he has the time.

This is one of those times where a more exciting profession would have helped i.e. something with gizmo or gadgets to show off to them.

I have a computer, calculators, germ-x and numerous excel spreadsheets. Wait, I, that it.


Chris and Mary did ask to see a day in the life of an accountant here. I asked if they wanted to eat at the local canteen as well. They said yes.

However, I noticed that sandwiches were made as back up. Smart.

I hope things go well. I know most of my coworkers will be nice to them. I guess if anything out of the ordinary happens, I might share.


Well, my reports are in. I better get back to work.

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