Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bridging the Gap through Technology

So I've been thinking about home a lot for obvious reasons...well, if they aren't that obvious, they include the fact that we missed Thanksgiving and the fact that we will be home (Pittsburg, KS) in the next few weeks. That said, I am glad we live in a time like this where technology can help bridge the distance between friends and family. Thanks to the fact that all my siblings and one in-law have iDevices, the options of what app to use are aplenty! Lately, we've FaceTimed with Henry and Donovan, out nephews and what's becoming apparent is Henry's love of seeing his reflection on the screen. It has resulted in me taking pictures which are candid and loveable!

Henry and Donovan
Donovan below is putting forward his attractive smile while Henry is focused on hypnotizing us.  

I am convinced that Henry believes he has magic powers

Of course there's the loveable and completely adorable (pun intended) Adaora just after she woke up once whom we definitely don't see enough of.

See our silly bent heads
I honestly wish I could take more pictures of Henry when we is quite the hilarity. He has a sharp mind and sometimes I am surprised at his quick responses including telling us we couldn't follow him on an adventure because it would take too long.

Henry at Aunty Nnene's during Thanksgiving

How apps have changed Communication
So in less than 3 weeks...the in person interactions will be priceless but for now, we will continue to try to use technology to bridge the gap so that out of sight doesn't have to be the norm.

Oh, one more piece of news...It appears Amy and I will be going to France in January on our way back! Amy is excited and all I can't think about is; How's the weather going to be?

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