Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Holidays....and Transatlantic Craziness

Just when I was wondering when the next holidays will come, it shows up in the form of Eid ul-Fitr, a Muslim holiday commemorating bla bla bla...we just got two days off which made a Monday into a Friday. So I woke up Tuesday Morning to find another boat blocking my view....  
Now if I can just find the owner and ask him to either move it or give me a ride then I will be happy. 

Today makes it 5 months since we've been here. Of course we spend a few weeks in the States. When we left, Lagos was practically under water but when we returned, we were greeted by a phenomenon called "August Break". Its basically a break from the 6 month rainy season. Well, August break is over and it is raining like crazy now. Good thing is that we don't have to be at work today...
Well, Amy doesn't have to be at work till next Tuesday which brings me to the crazy travel schedule she has in the next week. You see, Eddine is getting married in Ottawa, ON Canada and with Amy being the Matron of honor, she's leaving today for Canada and won't be back till Monday morning. 
Packed and almost ready to go
But that's when it gets interesting. Then on Tuesday, she and I are off to Houston for a week on company business. Now I am sure I will be asked why we didn't just have her head to Houston from Canada. Well, that would have been ideal but even as we speak Houston isn't 100% and these things can change even at the last minute so there's no need risking her not being able to get back from Canada. Clear enough? Good. So for the next 5 days, I am going to be a married bachelor. I kinda like having Amy around so I guess I will miss her...Congrats on your wedding Eddine if you stumble upon this read and take care of my girl. 

Other news of note...nothing much really other than the fact I will be in Houston next week which is convenient since Ben and Juan currently reside there (my siblings for those that don't know). Hopefully we will have a day to sort of enjoy all things not work after all the business of work. So, if you are not busy and want to see us next week and weekend (8 - 13th of September), Houston is the place to be!

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