Friday, January 21, 2011

At this rate...

The last time I wrote anything on here was back in August and before that, May. So at this rate, this might be my only piece of writing this year. But I won't dwell on the past.

I have some pretty big decisions to make. Well, it's 80% made. Several people know what it is but I won't go on and on till the deed is done but I just felt the urge to write out my current thoughts. So, this is will likely be another incoherent psychobabble but if you are reading this, maybe you are into that.

My father-in-law Chris told Amy and I that we are pioneers that have become settlers and while that's probably true, I ask myself, why does settling have such a bad rap. This sounds silly but I like my life as it is. It's comfortable, predictable and without much that is uncontrollable. I know that an insurers dream but is that the stage of life I should find myself?

One of the biggest questions I have had to ask myself is, "Am I content or complacent?" Is is possible to be both? Well, depending on how things turn out, it's about to get uncomfortable. In praying and fasting about the next steps, we believe it's time to shake things up. We don't think it is time to be settlers and that season will come but not isn't it.

Obviously, there are practical and pragmatic things to consider but this moment, I am more interested in the abstract. I am grateful to God for all the voices in my life. I truly am...but the one voice that matters most is His. And His I will faith.

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