Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Ode to Facebook- My Favorite Status Updates of the Year

Pardon me while I indulge myself. I recently read Kerri's Blog as she chronicled a year's worth of information written in her planner and I thought I should take a peak back myself. Now, I do have a planner but I am not that dedicated to it. However, Facebook allows us the chance to look back at our status updates and I thought to go through them and find out the more intriguing one chronologically. First I must warn...my stuff isn't going to be as meaningful and as deep as Kerri's. So here we go...

Jan 01 2009 - Ugo Alexander Nwagwu (UAN) is happily at work!
Jan 09 2009 -
UAN is predicting a Gator repeat for next year!
Jan 12 2009 -
UAN had an amazing God Weekend in Omaha
Jan 20 2009 -
UAN is trying to weigh his "can do" with God's "should do"

Feb 10 2009 - UAN just got done screaming around the block with his nephew! Best lunch break in a long while!
Feb 12 2009 - UAN wants to be in good hands
Feb 12 2009 - UAN thinks being in good hands is too expensive
Feb 25 2009 - UAN with a cold stare and ice running through his veins slew the 4 Headed Dragon. Let 02/24/09 live in infamy as the day he conquered the CPA!

Mar 5 2009 - UAN is going to bed before 12.30am for the third straight day...if you text him, he'll hurt you!
Mar 16 2009 -
UAN is going fishing. Yeah...say what?
March 30 2009 - UAN is having a fiesta of previously unfelt emotions after his nephew called him Uncle today! What is this salty liquid discharge coming from his eyes?

April 2 2009 -
UAN is wondering why life's giving him the finger today
April 8 2009 -
UAN traded in the Celica. Goodbye Celica...as far as cars go, you were his first true love :'(

May 5 2009 -
UAN loves the IRS
May 15 2009 -
UAN won two tickets to a Rascal Flatts concert playing Bingo last night. Hey, doesn't matter the game, he plays to win.
May 27 2009 -
UAN can't help but smile as the Red Devils burn in hell...sorry, Rome.

June 5 2009 -
UAN just had two doughnuts; one to celebrate National Doughnut Day and the other to help heal his ailing ego.
June 16 2009 -
UAN wants to keep reading Isaiah 40:12-31 over and over and over again...
June 23 2009 -
UAN got his nightly beatdown from Zyrtec and now he is paying the price. Good thing he has nasty Folgers to dull the pain.

July 4 2009 -
UAN holds these truths to be self evident; that all men were created equally and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights...
July 7 2009 -
UAN is about to go under but unlike Sarah Palin's political career, he'll be back up better than ever...Seriously, thanks for all your prayers.
July 28 2009 - UAN is jumping off the Vikings sinking ship!

Aug 3 2009 -
UAN decided to try one session of P90x...now he's not sure that program was ever intended for humans.
Aug 7 2009 -
UAN had the best jambalaya ever at Mother's! Wow..next up is Cafe du Monde. Oh, yeah it was great to see his sister again!
Aug 11 2009 -
UAN just played his first game of basketball since his knee surgery...knee hurts like a mother...hit the game winner which makes it worth it.
Aug 18 2009 -
UAN is re-booking his seat on the Minnesota Vikings Bandwagon as sources are strongly indicating FAVRE COULD BE SIGNING!

Sep 9 2009 -
UAN is watching the clock at 09:09 on 09/09/09
Sep 21 2009 -
UAN "The summer days are gone too soon, you shoot the moon, and miss completely...Now the fall is here again, you can't begin to give in..."
Sep 30 2009 -
UAN wonders why raw tomatoes taste like laundry detergent to him.

Oct 12 2009 -
UAN would like to lay his hands on the punk that stole his iPhone!
Oct 13 2009 -
UAN has a schedule for a deep tissue massage at noon today...hopefully "Gretchen" can pound out the knots in his back.
Oct 15 2009 -
UAN has a suggestion for all the billing companies that want me to go paperless...make it worth my time i.e. deduct the cost of mailing my bill (you know the 44cents) from my bill and we will be in business.
Oct 22 2009 -
UAN is installing the new Windows 7. So geeked up right now!
Oct 31 2009 - UAN is a P90x graduate with a 70 consecutive days workout streak.

Nov 4 2009 - UAN
loves the perks of working at a fresh produce company! Honey Crisp? Don't mind if I do!
Nov 6 2009 - UAN
loves the Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell!
Nov 19 2009 - UAN
has Facebook Status Update Writers Block
Nov 23 2009 - UAN
woke up this morning to three little birds outside his door step singing sweet songs of melody pure and true - "Don't worry about a thing; Cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

Dec 1 2009 - UAN
had a dream last night about giving his grandmother a hug. It was actually quite moving.
Dec 10 2009 - UAN "
Alea iacta est"
Dec 21 2009 - UAN
"Knowing you Jesus; there is no greater thing."
Dec 28 2009 - UAN
is looking foward to Brunch with Phil, Jake and Jon

Wow...what a year...what a life. If you are reading this, you are probably a part of that life and I thank you.


Kerri said...

Wait, isn't it just as easy to type "Ugo" as it is "UAN"? : ) I'm just saying. Nice shout out to my blog and I really enjoyed yours!

Ugo said...

Good point...but I did a lot of copy and past so I guess it won't have been any more difficult with the way I did it. My head hurts.

Sarah said...

I like this blog. I have decided that I need to start keeping up on everyone's blogs - maybe it will help me miss them all a little less:)

Kerri said...

My head hurts too.