Thursday, January 07, 2010

The 5th Annual Predictions Sure to go Wrong....2010 Edition

It is back...the often imitated but never duplicated Annual Predictions Sure to go Wrong. This will be the fifth edition. If you are keeping score, over the first four years, I have managed to go 45.5/71 for a 64.08% clip. I'd say that's pretty good. That doesn't include the predictions that came through the subsequent years but I digressed.

So before I get with this year's list, I just want to go through the rules again. This is in large part light hearted. I am not a prophet or psychic or something crazy. I just like to em...take a peak at a few things and make calls. Many of these are sports related while others personal. So here are your predictions...

1. We'll start with the economy. The Unemployment rate is stop rising and in fact start falling and by the time this year is over, it will be under 10%.

2. Apple (shockingly) comes out with yet another version of the iPhone as they continue to maintain their role as most popular smart phone and I will sit this one out.

3. Ndamukong Suh will be the first pick of the NFL Draft beating out the temptation for the St. Louis Rams to pick Jimmy Clausen. Bonus pick...Tim Tebow gets drafted in the Top 2 rounds.

4. I will take the GMAT (maybe twice) and I will score over 600 points! This is actually a prayer

5. Facebook goes Public so Mark Zuckerberg can reap the profits of his hard work.

6. The Kansas Jayhawks will win the 2010 NCAA Tournament! Book it!

7. The San Diego Chargers win the Superbowl! I make this pick every year and I figure that it is bound to happen in my lifetime...right? Wow...crickets.

8. I hate this call but I'll make it anyway...The New York Yankees repeat as World Series Champs

9. Finally, I break my 4+ year streak and leave the borders...overseas baby! Please, happen, please! PLEASE!

10. Another of my many friends that I have stood by during their nuptials will be an expecting parent (excluding those currently expecting). Trust me, there is something in the water...that is as soon as this snow crap dissipates.

11. Republicans won't like me for this's not really a political statement but it has political implications...Another Supreme Court seat opens up.

12. Brett "Grandpa" Favre comes to the NFL for the 2010 NFL Season and remains a Viking

13. LeBron James defies conventional wisdom and rather than bolt for a bigger media market, re-ups with your Cleveland Cavs for lots of cash!

14. I will finally stop shuffling my feet and apply to get into a PhD program...maybe Arkansas, North Carolina, somewhere in Texas...but I will take that next step.

15. Now...this bold prediction is concerning the BCS Championship tonight. Now, I am 4/4 in my predictions on this game since I started. I have a saying...when in doubt, go with the team bigger, stronger and faster. That team will be Alabama. They are to good, too fast and too complete not to dominate the line of scrimmage from start to finish.

Perhaps the only position Texas is better is the QB position. There is just no way Texas wins this game. *Sigh* That said, you know where this is going. You know who I am going to pick and you know it is not Alabama. My head says the Crimson Tide but the intangibles tell me pick Texas. The #2 team has won 6/7 BCS Championships. The last Heisman winner to win a BCS Championship in the same year was 2005 USC Trojans with Matt Leinart. The last 3 have whiffed. So, I am going to defy all things reasonable and go with the Longhorns.

So...there you have it. 15 predictions sure to go wrong. Am I crazy...insane, on the money? Let me have it...

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