Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sound of 1:53am

I got into my car after walking Amy to her door; We had just returned from an OU Texas A&M blowout in Norman. I started making my way home at 1.53am and I did something I usually do when I am by myself in the car which is listen to public radio. It took a second but then the most beautiful song started...

It was a female vocalist singing in a language that I couldn't identify yet alone understand. And I she sang, the only instrument I could hear was an acoustic guitar. As I listened practically in a trance, I tried to imagine what she was singing about...something positive, perhaps, I thought to myself. Sweet sounding songs should be positive...or at least optimistic or about something, hopefully maybe.

I realize something about myself. I tend to write or compose when I am sad or my life is in disarray which is why I am yet to compose anything meaningful in almost two years. Now, that doesn't mean that life has been a bed of roses. Actually, save for a few bright spots, it's been quite tough and challenging. The difference this time is that, I recognize that everything I need to get through this life has been provided to me by God and I am surrounded by it all...friends, family, nature, life, the seasons and my best friend.

So since I can't compose anything, I am going to indulge in those who can. The song I hear a little over an hour ago was sung by a lady named Sarah according to the announcer at the end. I don't know where she is from nor do I know what she was singing about. I prefer it that way...otherwise, I could find out that she sang about war, famine, poverty and sorrow. I think I'll take my ignorance bliss to go and thank her for the tunes in my head that will eventually put me to bed.

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