Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just assume the Mic is always on...

Since my last post, here are a few things that have happened...

- Approximately 9.6 million babies have been born in the world
- My mom has come to visit and has gotten home
- I have left Watco and taken a job at Martinous Produce Company
- I have had a week off to do nothing...but study
- I have taken one part of the CPA exam...exciting, I know
- I have chopped off my luscious wannabe fro
- The microphone (note to all public figures) and the camera are always on (Hello, YouTube).

So those are a few things still going on. Yes, I have started a new job as a Controller at a small produce company called Martinous Produce Company. I am very excited. I still have no life save for this week while I take a break from studying for the CPA exam.

So, I took the first exam on Monday and I walked out trying my hardest not to say any of the words going through my head, I couldn't help but feel relieved that one part is over (hopefully forever). I started to think about things I would rather do and the thought hit me...a list. Here are 10 things that are comparable to studying for and then taking the CPA exam...

1. The Chinese Water Torture
2. Water boarding as performed by the CIA
3. Getting a CAT scan again (this is a tough one but ultimately, I was eventually able to pee)
4. Being stuck in an elevator with Bill O'Reilly
5. Jail time
6. Have a conversation with Tom Cruise
7. Gouge my eyes out
8. Live without my iPhone for a month
9. Live in Canada
10. Watch a movie with Mark Walhberg as a main character

Anyway, so you understand the title of this post, Rev. Jesse Jackson thought he was off mic when he made some derogatory and offense comments about Presidential Candidate Barack Obama...he was wrong and has caught some flak for it. With the advent of YouTube, Facebook and the like, why can't people just assume they are being tapped at all times and get on with the program.


Michelle said...

Hey, this is about your list: Living without your iPhone. Guess what? I went to Colorado for a week without any watch (I don't own one--can't wear them) and my cell phone dead. Talk about a VACATION! I never knew what time it was. I would wake up and say, "I wonder what time it is." I just got up when I wasn't tired anymore. I was always asking the Kreighbaum girls, "What time is it?" whenever I would see them. ha

Kerri said...

You're so dramatic with your 10 comparables. Silly Ugo. Good job with the haircut.