Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Predictions Sure to go Wrong in 2006

This is touchy stuff but make sure you focus on the title here. These predictions are about anything and everything I can think of right now. These are predictions sure to go wrong and in no order either

1. The Texas Longhorns will be crowned National Champions in College Football
2. The Indianapolis Colts will be crown Super Bowl Champions
3. I will once again be involved in multiple weddings of which none will be mine (thankfully)
4. I will be on the verge of being an Uncle (pretend like you did not see this one)
5. I will still be driving my Toyota Celica (been known to change cars often. Not this year)
6. Microsoft and Wal-Mart will merge to forge the closest link to the Anti-Christ since...well Microsoft
7. The Cleveland Cavaliers will finally make the playoffs
8. Someone again will be silly enough to try to climb the Mountain K2
9. I will use the words "I told you so" yet again
10. I will make a birdie (made a par on January 1st and that has to be a good sign)
11. Michael of Michael's Webspace will be a Police Officer (this will actually happen)
12. Tom Cruise and Ben Afleck will come out with movies that are duds (word of wisdom here)
13. The Los Angeles Lakers will miss the playoffs
14. I will leave the country at least 3 times (hopefully anyway cause I love to travel)
15. Hillary Clinton will announce her bid for the White House and that would be Hillarious (hahaha, get it, Hillary-Hillarious, huh, huh, oh forget it)
16. I would be an Author of a book depicting how a butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a Hurricane in Mexico. I will be sued and I would win.
17. Nokia will come out with a phone that also doubles as a dishwasher
18. Someone will tell me, "I told you so."
19. I will finally balk the trend and wear strip shirts more than 4 times this year
20. All these predictions will go wrong.

Thank you very much. I'll be here all week.

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