Sunday, February 06, 2005


Well, so we are here at last and I did promise to mention something about the big game. Well, basically, if you want expert analysis, go to or No analysis for me because this is really simple. My heart goes with the Eagles (but the bible talks about the heart being naturally deceitfull wicked) partly because I have a Donovan McNabb Rookie card that is long overdue to be sold and because I love the underdog. My head on the other hand which is far more consistent and accurate goes with the New England Patriots. So while I will be rooting for the, I mean Eagles, watch New England slowly and steadly pull out in the fourth quarter for a 14 pt win.

Final score Prediction- New England 31, Philadelphia, 17
MVP- Correy Dillion

Good Night.

Eh, yeah wait a second, don't leave yet. "This is the heart speaking." "I am going with Eagles 24, Pats 21. My MVP is of course Mr. McNabb (although, Mrs. McNabb may also be on the ballot).
Now you can go to bed or do whatever.

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