Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Skydiving- My favourite past time

I went sky diving once and it was one of the most unique experiences that I have ever had. I did write something about it and since I am running out of stuff for now (mostly because I am quite busy), I will let you enjoy it. Maybe I will mention something on the Superbowl before the end of the week.


So many words
Not enough space
So many thoughts
In my heart they race

The clouds, the sky
The feeling of being so high
So many reasons
Yet not enough seasons

Looking down
What a sight to behold
Exhilarating joy, excitement
New feelings even unfold

Before the jump
My heart began to thump
We begin descending
My soul still ascending

In the clouds above
At speeds considered unholy
A temporary sensation
A thrill so unearthly

The need to freeze
Such a timeless moment
Sadly it seems to breeze
With so much torment

Ended too quickly
Swiftly came its finish
Yet many more thoughts
Non however in English

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