Tuesday, September 08, 2015

One year later...

One of the biggest and best miracles of child birth is that for the most part you get like 9 months to prep for it. And yet somehow it goes by slow and fast remarkably at the same time. I can't believe it's been already 4 weeks since I posted this on instagram...

So yes, in a few short months, I am going to be a dad. It's no surprise. We'd prayed for a child and have been blessed with one...and sort of on schedule. We wanted to wait at least 5 years after we were married and we found out we were expected a month after our 5th anniversary.

Now I don't know what the future holds. A lot of my friends who are already fathers (and many other people) are quick to tell us how much it changes your life. My inside voice typically responds with "DUH"...of course it changes everything. In the mean time, we live life like we know how to...love God, pray that we will be adequate parents and not screw this up. I have seen good parents...I just hope I can be good enough. Amy will be spectacular, no doubt. 

Still...Buzzfeed captures the experience of this process all too well in this youtube video

Our craddle list? Visit 5 new countries before the baby is born...done and dusted. Squeezed a few old favorites....just for fun.
Santiago & Vina Del Mar, Chile

Blarney Castle, Cork, Ireland

Manneken pis, Brussels Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Frankfurt, Germany
Basel, Switzeland
Paris, France

Tower of London, London England
 There are a few more pictures on instagram.com/ugoalexander/

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