Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Predictions in Review

We are down to hours and minutes before this year is over (unless you are in Oceania and in that case you have about 365 days to go) and it is time to make Predictions and Resolutions which in most part will all fail. But it's okay because the preparations and plans for a new year and decade are never the same without the aforementioned predictions and resolutions.

It's been an exciting year for me but 2010 is bound to be more life altering than 2009 for obvious reasons. However now isn't the time to make's time to review them. With that, here is your (technically my) "2009 Predictions Sure to go wrong" in review.

1. Gators!!! Yes...the Florida Gators will beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the biggest College football game of the year and be crowned National Champions!

The Gators with a daunting defense shut down the Sooners to win their 2nd Championship in 3 years. Tally so far 1/1.

2. The economy will get worse before it gets better. However, the DOW Jones Industrial Average, an index that acts as a barometer for the health of US Companies will finish the year above 10,000.

When I wrote this, the economy was in a tail spin an the DOW Jones fell to a decade low 6547 Points in March. However, baring a historic collapse in the next few hours, the DOW will finish above said 10,000 points. Tally so far 2/2

3. An annual pick...the San Diego Super Chargers will be Superbowl Champs! pick but did you see what they did to the Colts? If they replicate that game play this will be hard for the Steelers to win that game.

Chargers didn' further comments (why, oh why!)....Tally so far 2/3.

4. Apple will come out with another version of the iPhone and there is a very good chance they'll sucker me into getting it.

On June 19 2009, Apple came out with the iPhone 3GS...on June 19 2009, I received my shipment of the device...score. Looking good at 3 of 4.

5. There will be scandals galore when the spending of the bailout cash doled out by the US Treasury last year are reviewed. Some business executives and or politicians will be fighting for their careers.

Without going into details aplenty...Score this one in my book. Scandals regarding bonuses using Tax Payers Dime was all the rage in the summer. Several Bank CEOs have received the boot including Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis. 4/5

6. The defending NCAA Bball National Champion, KANSAS JAYHAWKS! will find away to make the tournament but the Tar Heels of North Carolina will be Crowned National Champions in NCAA Basketball...they are too good not to.

Yes and Yes! Score this in the win column...5/6

7. Sam Bradford sadly for him will declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft and yes be snagged by the hapless Detroit Lions. Hopefully, the money he makes will buy him happiness.

Now, in my defense, he should have listened to me. Instead, he had an injury plagued season and probably cost himself $Millions in the process. 5/7

8. Yahoo Inc. will be acquired by someone...maybe Microsoft, Time Warner maybe, but someone will acquire Yahoo.

Came really close to happening but close isn't good enough. 5/8

9. Chrysler will merge with GM to save themselves from going under

Chrysler instead made a pact with Fiat. Close but no cigar. 5/9

10. I will be stuck within these boarders again for the 3rd straight year...the longest streak since the one which ended in sad.

I was stuck in these boarders and it was sad. Maybe we can turn the tide in 2010. 6/10

11. Assuming Tim Tebow, the all world QB of the Gators stays in school, those Florida Gators will face the Texas Longhorns in the 2010 version of the BCS Championship game.

Tim Tebow came back and came close but in the end, I was one game from making this call happen. Texas gets in so I get half a point- 6.5/11.

12. The BCS will announce plans for a plus playoff scenario for College Football.

Hasn't happened yet...ugh...but there is a ground swell. 6.5/12

13. I will be a licensed Certified Public Accountant...wish me all the best.

YAY! I have the Certificate to Prove it! 7.5/13

14. Book this of my many friends that I have stood by as they have tied the knot will be another expecting father.

Josh H. and Jen H. are expecting a child (hopefully a girl). Can't wait! 8.5/14

15. You've heard of Stephon Curry of Davidson, right? Well, remember this name...Seth Curry. You will come March as Liberty University...yes, the Flames will be there and Seth Curry will lead them there.

EPIC FAIL. 8.5/15

16. Oh...I'll probably be involved in someone's wedding...haha. That's me coming out of retirement.

Jonathan, it was an honor. Babies by the end of the year perhaps? Too soon? 9.5/16

17. Now for the Hail Mary of the Day...the Chicago Cubs will finally break the curse of the Billy Goat and make it to the World Series! Now, I don't like the Cubs so I figured I'd ruin their season before it starts.

EPIC FAIL 2. 9.5/17

So the final tally is 9.5/17...a sub par 55%. Came close on a few and whiffed on others. Stay tuned for the 2010 edition of Predictions sure to go wrong. No one cares about this list but I love to look back and chuckle at the good and yes, even the bad calls. Happy New Year Everyone...wishing you a prosperous 2010.

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