Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Room for Independents

I try to be independent but that doesn't sell. I am moderate...I am a socially conservative evangelical who does care about the environment, war and poverty. But this election cycle has increased my frustration with both parties to an unprecedented level. I want to beat up every (yes, you too Colmes) talking head because (not only are they idiotic), they make me start to despise Republicans...problem is that MOST of my closest friends are true Republicans.

I look to the Democrats and they don't make it easier especially with the Media's obsession with anything that feeds the stereotypes about race and religion. That Democrats can't see that Hillary is willing to say and do anything for the nomination baffles me and increases my distrust in any Democrat's ability to be nothing but the left wing Republican party engaging in the same dirty tactics under a different logo including dragging the most positive campaign through the mud for a few extra votes.

Sometimes, I want to cash in my chips and say, "Well, it was fun while it lasted." But the stakes are too high and I am too tired to watch silently as hope slowly dissipates. Everyone demonizes the next guy including engaging in pure lies...but for what, so that we can be here again in 4 years, 8, 12. Meanwhile, the world is moving on and waiting on this country to get it together.

Each of us needs to open ours eyes and see that the true enemy is us...we are the ones standing in our way and none of our hands are clean...and it will never be as long as we keep buying the same naratives that partisan politicians have been selling for the last 5 decades.

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Jamison said...

While being interviewed on CNN, Barak Obama after being endorsed by Ted Kennedy stated...." I am grateful to have the endorsement of the late John F. Kennedy's brother". I do not believe there is a candidate in the running worth getting the job. I vote for Ugo Nwagwu (New Wag a woo) for President! - DJ