Thursday, August 18, 2005

My first Par

Folks, I got my first par ever on Tuesday i.e. two days ago. I was excited. I played just nine holes at the local golf course because there was not enough daylight to play 18holes. The first few holes, I was terrible. But then, I settled into triple and double bogey golf (I know thats still terrible but you now have an idea of the first holes). I love my driver except that I keep hooking it right.

Anyway, on the ninth hole, it is a par three with a water hazard in front of the green. Yes, it was bad. Well, I took my 3 wood and hit it with barely any daylight left and because the hole is down slopping, I did not see where the ball went. I was pretty sure it went in the water until I walked all the way past the hazzard and saw this white thing on the green. It was about 40 feet from the hole with a chance at a birdie. I pulled out the putter and hit the ball within 6 feet and drained it for par.

I stink at golf so if anyone has any tips out there, help a brother out.


Libby said...

good job, Ugo. I've never even gotten CLOSE to par. I'm so much worse than you, you have no idea. :D Like I'm terrible at golf.

Ugo said...

Golf is the hardest skill sport out there. I am not sure when my next par will come but I will keep chugging along.

Sarah said...

Holy mullet. Can mullets be holy?
Anyway, I can't believe that you got a par. I am flipping amazed. You must have improved (er, I mean cheated) since the last time I was there.
Word of wisdom from Sarah:
"Don't do drugs."

Ugo said...

Sars, you should come out and watch me play sometime when you are in town. Oh, thats right, you have something else to do. Ugh, that was mean. Just kidding.

Libby said...

dude, sarah. Ugo is calling you sars now too. I'm a trend-setter!!

Sarah said...

Like I said, I am like a disease, no one can get me out of there head.

Erin said...

I don't even know how to hold the club, I might be overtaken by some urge to bludgeon the poor innocent caddy, or just look helpless, or pretend i know what I'm doing and bash someone in the head with the ball. Golf is not actively pursued by those of the general working class in Wyoming, due to the tendency for the wind to suddenly rip the ball from its prescribed course throught the sky and into someone's front room window. My dad likes golf though; imagine a really tall, really really skinny cowboy out on the green waving golf clubs that are barely skinnier around than he is, and you should get the idea. Nix that cowboy hat, though. He doesn't take the image that far.
Congratulations on your feat of par, Ugo.